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Hello, God… Are You Listening?

If you are talking to Him, do you think He is listening?

old-cathedral-rodrigo-sicat-wordpress“Let’s stop by Metropolitan Cathedral first,” my mom says even though dusk has crept in and we’ve still got several hours of traffic ahead of us.

We are on official business in her hometown of San Fernando, Pampanga, and I am just about ready to keel over in exhaustion, partly due to the killer heat that I always associate with this place.

I try my best to persuade, coerce and finally threaten her into getting a move on so that we would reach Manila at a decent hour. I even promised to accompany her to Sunday Mass back home and made some more noise but she shot down all my complaints with one pointed look that shut me up. Fast. Continue reading Hello, God… Are You Listening?


Try Killing Yourself To Live

I’ve only recently learned how to swim with my head above the water, practicing at least once a week in the pool. When I told my friends how I almost drowned twice while practicing in the deep pool (1.8m), one of them asked: “Why would you swim in the deeper pool when it’s safer for you in the more shallow pool?”  Continue reading Try Killing Yourself To Live