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PART I: Before, During & After Depression

Before Depression: I am a writer. And a damn good one. During Depression: I’m a fake. I can’t really write. Continue reading PART I: Before, During & After Depression


When Surviving Is All You Can Do

I am responsible for all my decisions, actions and inaction. But I also understand that in spite of this, outcomes are unpredictable — and there is no use worrying or engaging in recriminations — because whatever happens, I will survive. If you are good in only one thing, it might as well be in being a survivor.

When you are fighting to simply breathe, NONE of the things you worry about now will matter. Always look forward with accumulative discernment and believe in yourself.

And of course, LOVE.

28 Jan 2014, Facebook post

800,000 Hopeless Souls… And Counting

According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people die by suicide every year, and for every successful suicide there are many more people who attempt it. About 20 percent of people who die by suicide have made a prior suicide attempt. But the stigma attached to suicide can be isolating and discourages help-seeking behaviors.

In seems people are fearful if we talk about suicide we’ll trigger risky behaviors. But if we don’t talk about it, how are we going to understand it? If we don’t understand it, how can we be compassionate and empathetic? And if we don’t treat those at risk with compassion and empathy, how do we expect them to seek help?

Excerpt from Why I’m Speaking Up About How Suicide Is Discussed in the Emergency Room by Sally Buchanan-Hagen. Published in http://www.themighty.com. Read original article here

Featured photo from http://www.samaritans.org/

Living with Depression: Lesson #3

You are not alone.

Had I known much earlier that I was not the only one suffering from depression in my circle, I would have reached out much sooner to my friends, and then maybe my journey to wellness would have started, well, much earlier.  Continue reading Living with Depression: Lesson #3

Seen “Sybil”? 10 Movies On Mental Illness

Have seen Girl, Interrupted, Black Swan, One Flew Over..., A Beautiful Mind and the magnificent Sybil.  Planning to see the rest soon. :) Which ones have you seen?

Living With Depression: Lesson #2

When you have depression, everybody becomes a liar.

Your friends lie to you. Continue reading Living With Depression: Lesson #2

Living With Depression: Lesson #1

When you realize what a good, even beautiful, day it is / has been, a part of your brain might suggest that, Hey, it is a good day to die.

Not to kill yourself. Just to die. Continue reading Living With Depression: Lesson #1

What is your DEFAULT Emotion?

If you haven’t seen Inside Out yet, go watch it on Netflix or something ASAP. It’s a cartoon with a story that only adults would get. Check out the film plot here then come back here to read the rest of the post. :P

While watching Inside Out, my roomies and I started naming people that every “emotion/character” reminded us of. We joked how people, including us, may have a “default emotion” —a state that has become a distinct part of our personality and behaviour. When my friend asked me, “Which emotion are you?” I quickly—and with utmost certainty—replied: Continue reading What is your DEFAULT Emotion?

Self-help Books: Do They Really Help With Loss?

Today, I started reading this book called Overcoming Grief by Sue Morris. Right before the first chapter, the author posts a friendly “Note of Caution” (excerpts quoted) that I think everyone — from the depressed to family and friends of a depressed person — should take into consideration: Continue reading Self-help Books: Do They Really Help With Loss?