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Seen “Sybil”? 10 Movies On Mental Illness

Have seen Girl, Interrupted, Black Swan, One Flew Over..., A Beautiful Mind and the magnificent Sybil.  Planning to see the rest soon. :) Which ones have you seen?


What is your DEFAULT Emotion?

If you haven’t seen Inside Out yet, go watch it on Netflix or something ASAP. It’s a cartoon with a story that only adults would get. Check out the film plot here then come back here to read the rest of the post. :P

While watching Inside Out, my roomies and I started naming people that every “emotion/character” reminded us of. We joked how people, including us, may have a “default emotion” —a state that has become a distinct part of our personality and behaviour. When my friend asked me, “Which emotion are you?” I quickly—and with utmost certainty—replied: Continue reading What is your DEFAULT Emotion?