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One Way Ticket

Either we’re gonna live or we’re gonna die. If we die, we gotta deal with being dead. If we’re alive, then we gotta deal with being alive. Sounds simple enough but not quite.

Dead is easy. Continue reading One Way Ticket


When Surviving Is All You Can Do

I am responsible for all my decisions, actions and inaction. But I also understand that in spite of this, outcomes are unpredictable — and there is no use worrying or engaging in recriminations — because whatever happens, I will survive. If you are good in only one thing, it might as well be in being a survivor.

When you are fighting to simply breathe, NONE of the things you worry about now will matter. Always look forward with accumulative discernment and believe in yourself.

And of course, LOVE.

28 Jan 2014, Facebook post

The Truth Leads To You

art_411_01“This is how you survive the unsurvivable, this is how you lose that which you cannot bear to lose, this is how you reinvent yourself, overcome your abusers, fulfill your ambitions and meet the love of your life: by following what is true, no matter where it leads you.”

Augusten Burroughs, This Is How

Life After Death: And We All Shine On

“But what a shining animal is man,
Who knows, when pain subsides, that is not that,
For worse than that must follow yet can write
Music; can laugh; play tennis; even plan.”

Edna St. Vincent Millay, “Sonnet CLXXI”


So this maiden blog entry? Not gonna be drama-free. But let’s get it over with so that we can finally move on to the fun stuff. ;-)

<Start drama here. Death. Loss. Grief. Depression. End drama.>

Now, onto the fun stuff: Death has taken from all of us.  (OK, so maybe not that fun.) There are billions going through the same thing I am right now that is, trying to overcome paralyzing loss. But one thing I learned recently is that I don’t have to go through it alone. Nobody does.

With this blog, I hope to reach and reach out to those who have suffered, survived and overcome or are still suffering, trying to survive and trying to overcome loss as I chronicle my own adventures (and misadventures, which I have a penchant for) towards actually living once more.

This means blogging about a myriad of topics that may or may not be related to death, loss and grieving per se all the time. After all, LIFE does not have to revolve around these concepts even if we are dealing with them every single day.

This is a project dedicated to putting myself back together, not as Me BEFORE, but as the person I’ve originally set out to be before life got the better of me. Or maybe that me is already gone, too. Right now, like you, I don’t know anything but this:

I and my life in the next 12 months will not be the same as the last 12 months or the last 12 months before that.

Loss begets major changes. But they don’t all have to be sad, ugly changes. As John Lennon* sang: Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear.

We lost but we’re still alive. So shine on.

* Yeah, there will be billions of Beatles references in this blog.