Living With Depression: Lesson #1

When you realize what a good, even beautiful, day it is / has been, a part of your brain might suggest that, Hey, it is a good day to die.

Not to kill yourself. Just to die.

Nobody wants to die miserable. True, death doesn’t seem too bad when you’re suffering. But nobody wants to die in anguish, in pain.

Yes, you want those feelings to end right that very moment, and while death is an option, truth is, you don’t wanna REALLY die (as opposed to REALLY wanting to die).

A happy, beautiful day is always a good day to die. You die with a smile. You die with a light, grateful heart. You die remembering only how wonderful it is to be alive. You die believing the world is a beautiful place. You die happy.

But then you remember, there may be more days like today to come. And not dying today is worth it to wait and see when the next beautiful day will arrive. Because it always does.


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