Try Killing Yourself To Live

I’ve only recently learned how to swim with my head above the water, practicing at least once a week in the pool. When I told my friends how I almost drowned twice while practicing in the deep pool (1.8m), one of them asked: “Why would you swim in the deeper pool when it’s safer for you in the more shallow pool?” 

“Because I’ll never learn how to swim if I don’t do it where I will be forced to REALLY swim.”

OK, I paraphrased it nicer for impact but same thought. And I was actually surprised by my own answer. I’ve always been crazy about self-preservation. For the Old Me, that meant not ending in a watery grave by staying where it’s safe. But the Me Now, who doesn’t care if I die or not, knows that unless I run out of air with no solid ground ‘neath me, I would never be forced to THINK of SAVING MYSELF. And I am getting the skills that would ensure I will be TRULY SAFE beyond my “safe, limited enclosures”.

I’d rather set my lungs ablaze than stay forever on the pool side or the shore while the rest of the world have fun swimming away.


3 thoughts on “Try Killing Yourself To Live”

    1. Thank you, mistonthemeadow :) Can I just share that every time I notice that my feet are already touching the floor of the pool, I have to “remember to remind myself” that all I got to do was push up and wade back up, using the skills (limited they may be) that I already have. Sometimes panic and fear hit first as we sink so we forget that there is actually something we can do to get us out of the bottom of the pool, literally and figuratively speaking. 😊 And the when it happens again, I have to remind myself that “I’ve been here before, I’ve done this, I can do it again”. Sorry for the lenghty reply. Al I really wanted to say was thanks. 😁

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      1. Don’t say sorry for the long reply! Although I’ve been swimming for a long time, I really understand what you mean! :) And the same is true for everything we do in our life…


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